Achieve Objectives and Success

Community Relations & Public Affairs

Helping Developers Succeed with Expert Public Relations

We help our clients complete their projects on time and on budget by ensuring a smooth and timely route to the entitlements they need. We can help you achieve the broad based community acceptance and support that will encourage public officials to approve your project quickly, enabling you to finish construction on time and take advantage of the crucial market opportunities you've targeted.

Getting their project under way on time and keeping them moving on schedule, allows our clients to minimize risk and save significantly in operating, opportunity and construction costs. By establishing and maintaining congenial and open community relations, our clients avoid the rancorous community interactions that often lead to protracted delays that compromise the financial viability of their projects.

Our expertise adds concrete, clearly discernable value to our clients' bottom line.

A powerful advocate on your side

Once engaged, we are fully committed to the success of every client and every project. We devise specific, individualized public affairs strategies for each client we work with. As their advocate through the project's life cycle, we help secure the timely and enduring stakeholder support that is crucial to their success.

Integrity builds trust

Helping our clients establish mutually beneficial long-term relationships with their stakeholders is an key added value AWC brings to each assignment. This starts with AWC president Al Williams' in-depth experience in all facets of public affairs, as well as his many years of grassroots community involvement. Through Williams' interactions in various communities as a developer, a public affairs consultant and as a community advocate, he has earned a reputation across the board for clarity, effectiveness, honesty and integrity.

Please contact us for more information about how we can help you successfully complete your project by minimizing your risks while saving you time and money.