Achieve Objectives and Success

Mission Bay Development Project

Public Participation Meetings and Broad-Based Community Endorsement

Catellus Development Corporation (Catellus) retained Alfred Williams Consultancy, LLC (AWC) to assist in building broad-based community support for the 300-acre mixed use Mission Bay Project in San Francisco’s South of Market area. The completed project will include a 43-acre University of California research campus, 6,000 residential units and five million square feet of commercial space.

The extraordinary scale and diversity of this project put AWC founder Al Williams’ public outreach and logistics expertise to the test. Multiple constituencies across the South of Market and South Eastern neighborhoods had concerns on a broad scope of issues, including job opportunities and employment training, land-use priorities and environmental issues. Williams led the team that set up a series of meetings across San Francisco to educate stakeholders and hear their concerns. With the information gathered during these events, Williams advised Catellus as to the most effective ways to address these concerns and win public support.

In addition, the Mission Bay project required extensive environmental impact studies. AWC helped plan, publicize and conduct the public disclosure meetings that ensured compliance with the public notification and participation requirements

. Ultimately, AWC's outreach campaign was a success. Armed with the solid endorsement of a wide spectrum of community stakeholders, Catellus was able to go before the San Francisco Planning Commission and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and secure the rights to this lucrative, high-profile development project.