Achieve Objectives and Success

Public Participation

Expert Public Participation Strategies

Helping our public sector clients develop and implement effective public participation programs greatly enhances their ability to get their projects started and completed on time and on budget. We partner with environmental consulting and planning firms, adding our public participation and outreach expertise to their project teams, to develop and execute public outreach strategies in connection with environmental studies and other public sector initiatives.

The skill and expertise to get things right

Through our extensive public sector consulting experience, AWC has developed a comprehensive knowledge of public outreach processes, including planning, publicizing, staffing and facilitating public workshops, meetings and events. We provide:

A valuable team member

Our attention to detail and commitment to the success of every assignment make AWC a strong, value-adding team member for public sector projects of all kinds. In addition, AWC President Al Williams' extensive experience working with public agencies, community organizations and private developers make him an invaluable team resource.

Through Williams' far reaching community interactions, he has earned a reputation for clarity, honesty and integrity. So as a spokesperson for a project, he brings an immediate, irreplaceable element of credibility and trust.

Please contact us for more information about how we can help you by smoothly and effectively managing the outreach component of your public sector project, keeping you on schedule, on budget, and in compliance with all regulatory requirements