Achieve Objectives and Success

Third Street Development Project

Public Outreach, Community Endorsement and Project Entitlements

Levin Menzies & Associates (LMA) retained Alfred Williams Consultancy, LLC(AWC) to design, develop and implement the public affairs program for a complex mixed-use project at 5800 Third Street in San Francisco. The project, on the site of a former Coca Cola bottling plant in San Francisco’s Bayview Hunters Point area, included approximately 350 condominiums and 13,000 square feet of retail space.

Al Williams became LMA’s point-man in Bayview Hunters Point, reaching out to local leaders to ascertain community concerns and gain insight into the best ways to earn support for the project. After holding a number of stakeholder gatherings and one-on-one meetings with community residents, Williams crafted a comprehensive community benefits package. This package, valued at approximately $750,000, was both attractive to the community and practical for LMA, and allowed LMA to attain near-unanimous community endorsement of its project proposal. As a result LMA secured their project entitlements without any significant opposition.

When the project was taken over by Noteware Development, AWC was asked by the new developer to join its team and assist in securing community support for significant changes that would make the project financially feasible. Williams, through the strong relationships already in place with local community leaders and residents, was able to secure unanimous approval for these changes, allowing the project to move forward smoothly and promptly.

As construction now moves forward, AWC remains engaged in the project, overseeing the ongoing implementation of the community benefits package.