Achieve Objectives and Success

Expert Public Affairs, Community Relations & Public Outreach Services

Alfred Williams Consultancy, LLC (AWC), provides exceptional public affairs, community relations and public outreach consulting services for public and private sector clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We help our private sector clients complete their projects on time and on budget by developing the broad-based community support that is essential to securing the entitlements needed to construct their projects. As public sector outreach specialists, we design and implement comprehensive outreach programs that produce maximum public involvement and full regulatory compliance on governmental/agency projects.

Our record of helping our clients achieve their objectives is exemplary. When they are successful, we’re successful. It’s that simple.

Our successful work for our clients is driven by company president Al Williams’ experience in real estate development/project management, public affairs and government relations in various settings. AWC’s ability to quickly understand our clients’ interests and apply our experience, knowledge and expertise produces immediate returns on our clients investment.

The ability to fully and effectively communicate our clients’ interests to their stakeholders, and to devise cost effective strategies to address crucial stakeholder concerns is added value we bring to each assignment. Representing our clients’ interests compellingly to their stakeholders helps to build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships between them.. These relationships enable our clients to achieve their objectives while saving significant amounts of time and money.