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Bayview Transportation Improvements Project

Environmental Impact Study, Public Workshops and Outreach Meetings

San Francisco's Department of Public Works (DPW) is currently planning the Bayview Transportation Improvement Project, aimed at improving the flow of traffic through residential and business areas of San Francisco's southeastern-most neighborhoods.

Alfred Williams Consultancy, LLC(AWC) President, Al Williams helped create and implement a comprehensive public outreach strategy for this project, which included planning, publicizing and facilitating scoping meetings, public workshops and outreach meetings. AWC's goal is to help DPW understand the public's concerns about the project, to present a series of potential route alternatives to the public and, to use public input, to identify the preferred alternatives. In addition, Williams has been able to help DPW identify and approach the key decision-makers within the project's core audiences.

As this complex project unfolds, Al Williams' strategic expertise will continue to yield long-term benefits for DPW. For example, Williams' in-depth knowledge of the San Francisco community and the concerns of stakeholders, allows him to help DPW avoid presenting alternatives that are sure to meet with strong resistance. In this way, Williams continues to play a pivotal and discernable role in fostering a strong relationship between DPW and the community, saving the project unnecessary and costly delays and maintaining positive publicity and goodwill throughout.