Achieve Objectives and Success

San Francisco Department of the Environment’s Peak Energy Program

Public Outreach Management and Project Ombudsman

When San Francisco's Department of the Environment (DOE) initiated its Peak Energy Program to help reduce energy consumption during peak periods, they brought Alfred Williams Consultancy, LLC(AWC) on board to facilitate a series of public meetings and serve as project ombudsman.

As ombudsman, Al Williams served as an intermediary between the public and the city agency. Groups or individuals with questions or concerns about the project could direct those inquiries to Williams, who would ensure those concerns were effectively communicated and promptly addressed.

Throughout his 15-month tenure, Williams significantly enhanced the success of the DOE's energy-saving program. Williams helped maximize the public's understanding of the city's environmental policies and through his efforts helped alleviate public apprehension about those policies. In addition, Williams served the crucial function of maintaining smooth communications between the DOE and key environmental activists, providing a ready conduit for monitoring the structure and implementation of the DOE programs.

The bottom line for DOE was that their program ran much more smoothly and effectively, and the relationship between DOE and the public was greatly improved, due to the participation of Al Williams and AWC. This was made possible by Williams’ in-depth knowledge of the San Francisco community and of the environmental issues at stake, his communications and outreach expertise, and his well-earned reputation within the community for honesty and integrity.